The Sonic Kitchen Logo Design and Website Design

We created a new children’s educational brand, including the logo, business cards and website landing page.

Sound Engineer Children's Education Logo Design
Sound Engineer Children's Education Business Card Design

The Sonic Kitchen is a highly unique mode of sound education for children. It educated them on sound and sound creation through a mixture of science, art, interactivity and sight. The program is a highly interactive incursion that explores voice, voice transformation, sound recognition, tone games and creativity using music technology.

The Founder of The Sonic Kitchen created the program with four principles in mind: free will, discipline, belief and fun. Combining his passion for music, sound design, digital arts, and education, The Sonic Kitchen was born.

The client was looking for a logo design that encompassed what he was creating, as well as be based on the head of a monkey.

The logo design that we created is built using various elements to depict the different components of the program and interactively that is experienced by the children. Bright, clear colours were used with a focus on the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) to show the foundation on which the program is built and the experiences it sparks.

We created fun elements that can be used together and separately all within the same brand. The logo is flexible, has many possibilities and lends itself to be applied in many ways. The various icons above the monkey’s head were positioned so that could be interactive when used online.

This bright and fun feel was then carried through to the business cards and to the website landing page design. The use of fun bright colours further emphasised the client’s principles.

The website was created with a Content Management System (CMS) to enable the client to complete the remainder of the website internally and make edits once the overall design had been configured.

The end result: a logo design that’s interactive, fun and eye-catching.

Click here to view The Sonic Kitchen website, and have a turn with the interactive monkey’s head on the homepage.

Sound Engineer Children's Education Website Landing Page Design
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