Branding isn’t a new logo, and it’s not only about style. It needs substance. Your brand needs to connect. Creating memorable, profitable, market-leading brands is what we do best.

We say, stop marketing and start branding why? Because an effective brand means you don’t have to work hard to find the right people in a loud and overcrowded marketplace. A good brand is recognised, sought-after, desired by its consumers.

Why you need help with branding

  • You have a brand but struggle to sell product.
  • You have a great product but can’t find or connect with the customers to buy it.
  • You’re unsure of who your customer really is.
  • Your business has become stagnant and needs fresh eyes.

How we can help

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A brand strategy is the foundation of any successful business. It outlines how a business should present itself to its customers and the world. Think of it as a roadmap that brings together all elements of the business, including its brand essence and values, logo, taglines, and visual tone of voice. A brand strategy defines the businesses brand identity, which includes things like what the brand stands for, how it will look and sound, and how to speak to its target audience to ensure cut through. It’s important to remember that a good brand strategy is more than just a logo—it is the complete package, from how you present your business to how customers perceive it. It’s all in the details – from the font used in your logo to the tone of voice used in your messaging. A strong and successful brand strategy will help you reach your goals, build trust with customers, and make a lasting impression in the marketplace. A successful brand will also create differentiation in the marketplace, irrespective of the stage or lifecycle the business is at.

 Brand personality refers to the unique set of characteristics or traits that are associated with a brand. It’s the DNA of a business and helps to differentiate it from its competitors while connecting with its audience on an emotional level. A brand personality can be defined by attributes such as reliable, innovative, dynamic, sophisticated, or fun. A strong brand personality is essential for successful branding as it creates a lasting impression in the minds of customers. It fosters brand loyalty and creates differentiation brand apart from its competitors. To create a brand personality, businesses need to consider their values, mission, vision, target audience, and their needs and preferences. Once a brand personality has been established, it needs to be consistently communicated across all touchpoints, from the logo and website design to the advertising campaigns and social media presence. For example, Apple’s brand personality is sleek, innovative, and cutting-edge, while Nike’s brand personality is all about determination, athleticism, and pushing yourself to the limit. A brand personality is an important aspect of branding. It helps to differentiate a brand from its competitors, creates brand loyalty and creates a lasting emotional connection with customers. By defining a brand’s personality and consistently communicating it across all touchpoints, you can build a strong and memorable brand.

The team at Brand For Brands has a wealth of experience both as brand strategists and executing a brand strategy into marketing for a business. Our Creative Director and Consumer Futurist Stella Gianotto has worked with numerous clients over the past 25 years to help them develop and enhance their brand identities. Together with Brand For Brands, this powerful combo offers a range of branding services, including brand strategy, brand identity design, brand positioning, brand messaging, and brand activation. Our team has launched over 1,000 brands in the marketplace and worked on over 3,500 creative projects, giving us a deep and extensive understanding of brand development – from ideation to execution. We work closely with our clients to understand their values, business goals, overall purpose or legacy, and then create unique and compelling brand identities that reflect these aspects. By combining our expertise in various areas of branding, we help businesses establish a strong, consistent brand presence across all marketing channels, creating differentiation (and often achieving brand distinction) in the minds of the target audience. We have a successful track record of helping businesses develop and enhance their brand identities. Why not read review our portfolio to see the work we have produced for other brands or head over to read some of our client testimonials?

Branding or rebranding can solve several pain points for businesses or brands. One of the most significant pain points for most brands is a lack of brand recognition and awareness in their marketplace, allowing competitors to take ownership of your market share and your clients. Effective branding helps businesses to establish a unique brand identity and build recognition with customers, increasing the likelihood of repeat business and customer loyalty. A strong brand can also help businesses differentiate themselves from competitors, which is particularly important in crowded marketplaces. Another common pain points that branding can solve is an unclear or ineffective brand message. A branding or rebranding exercise can help businesses identify and communicate your unique value proposition, positioning your brand more effectively in the minds of your customers. This leads to increased brand trust, customer loyalty and improves sales and revenue. Branding or rebranding can also help businesses stay relevant and adapt to changing market trends and customer preferences. This is particularly important in today’s ever changing business environment, where customers’ needs and preferences can change rapidly and on a whim. Considering a branding or rebranding exercise can help businesses solve a range of pain points by establishing a unique identity, communicating a clear value proposition, differentiating them from competitors, and adapting to changing marketplaces and trends.

Brand for Brands sets itself apart from other branding agencies in several ways. Firstly, our team has over 25 years of branding experience, with our Creative Director and Consumer Futurist, Stella Gianotto personally launching over 1,000 brands. Brand For Brands has completed over 3,500 creative projects. Our extensive experience allows us to develop a deep understanding of a clients brand, the business development needed for success and our approach demonstrates a proven track record of success. Secondly, we take a customer first approach to branding, aligning solutions to the needs of our clients’ business and wants from their target audience. We work closely with all our clients to develop brand identities that are unique, impactful, compelling, and reflective of the businesses values, goals, and purpose. Brand for Brands offers an extensive range of branding services, including brand strategy, brand identity design, brand positioning, brand messaging and brand marketing execution. 

A brand strategy may become ineffective (or simply not work) for a brand or a business due to a number of reasons. Shifts in consumer behaviour and preferences, changing business environments or increased competitors in the marketplace can all make an existing brand strategy obsolete. A lack of alignment between the brand’s strategy and the business goals or values, often confuse customers and can hurt sales. An obsolete or ineffective brand strategy fails to effectively communicate the unique value proposition of the business resulting in poor or no differentiation from competitors. Entering your business into the sea of ‘BLANDS’ – boring and same-same type brands. Poor execution of the brand strategy is another reason to consider, and this is often seen as inconsistent branding or messaging across all marketing channels and directly impacts sales negatively. To overcome these challenges, we recommend that businesses should regularly assess their brand strategy, conduct market research every 6 months, and ensure there is alignment between the brand and the business goals. A well-executed and relevant brand strategy creates a strong brand identity, generates customer loyalty, and increases sales and revenues. If you’re not sure where to start or the thought of evaluating your brand is overwhelming, we recommend starting with a brand positioning workshop to pinpoint exactly where your business stands in your marketplace.

A business may need a brand strategist or branding agency to create a strong and cohesive brand that differentiates itself from competitors and resonates with its target audience. A brand strategist helps businesses develop a brand strategy that aligns with the business’s goals and values. Once aligned a visual identity is created for the brand, brand messaging, tone of voice that communicates your unique value proposition and marketing material that will support the launch (or re-launch) of the brand into the marketplace will be created. A branding agency also provides expertise in various areas of branding, including market research, brand positioning and creating brand messaging. We help businesses identify opportunities for growth and development and provide creative solutions to complex branding challenges. A brand strategist or branding agency can ensure consistency across all your brands marketing materials from websites, marketing material, social media, packaging to advertising, and help businesses establish a strong, memorable brand presence that generates customer loyalty and drives revenue.