Email Marketing

Creating the right mix of electronic direct marketing is crucial for any brand.

Sending your message, electronically.

Traditional direct marketing is still very effective and a great alternative to position yourself in front of your clients and prospects. However electronic techniques, such as email marketing are a great way to stay in touch.

Email marketing or e-Dm’s (Electronic direct mail) is a type of direct marketing that uses technology or an electronic format as a way of communicating. Traditionally email marketing is sent to many recipients at one time and can be customised for an individual response or message.

Create the right mix of marketing.

Using appropriate technologies, to a deeper level, has changed the way we market directly to different audiences. Now we can send multiple messages to many recipients at any one time and review the results of each campaign.

There’s no one size fits all.

Brand for Brands knows that there is no one size fits all marketing model. While technology can enhance a user’s experience, it cannot replicate physical or tactile engagement. A mix of both email marketing and traditional direct mail marketing often works well for any brand of business looking to stay in touch with their audience.

You need to know what combination of both technical and tactile experience will resonate with your market, to excite your brand.

Check out some of the email marketing campaigns that has helped our clients stay in touch and generated leads, cost effectively.

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