With nearly three decades in marketing and branding for retail, we know a thing or two about consumers and why they do the things they do. We help our clients recognise their target audience and its behaviours.

We build solid customer experiences for brands, to capture their attention and get them returning. Most importantly, we build consumer strategies for the future of your business.

Why you need help with consumer strategy

  • You have been asking yourself ‘why are they doing that?
  • Have your sales have been declining for what seems like no reason?
  • A competitor business is thriving while yours isn’t.
  • You’ve stopped connecting with your customers.

How we can help

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Understanding consumer behaviour is integral to have a brand that is successful in business. In addition to understanding the key branding components that will set you apart from your competitors is one thing but using those components to cater to a consumer’s undercurrents (not their needs or wants) is something entirely different.

This is where having a solid foundation for your brand at a core level and understanding your brands human design potential (if you are a personal brand) is necessary for long term success. Most business approach this from the perspective of looking at the brand identity, the brands reputation, but they forget about the customers experience, the ability to custom customisation and how to innovate their approach for a deep and personal experience with your brand.

Having a strong Brand identity is essential for standing out in a crowded marketplace. Interestingly having a strong brand presence can increase revenue by up to 20% – more in some industries. To build a strong brand in today’s business landscape requires a focus on creating a unique brand voice, an impactful visual identity, and messaging that aligns with your target audience.

Understanding how to create this effect for your consumers is something that we do daily for the brands that we work with. We can do the same for your brand, or we can do it with you, the end result for your brand is strong presence, unwavering brand awareness and increases sales and loyalty.

Every brand who says ‘we just want to sell to everyone’ in reality, sells to no one. A little hard to swallow but the reality is this: When a brand that knows who they are, what they do and how they wear their marketing ONLY THEN can you develop an effective marketing campaign or aggressive sales strategies.

These days effective branding components and marketing strategies is important for any brand to identify and target a specific audience – this is only the first step. When you attempt to appeal to everyone, a brand dilutes its authority, appears to be whitewashed in the sea of competition and any marketing or sales become ineffective. Some business even renders their marketing defunct and cut their budgets entirely – this is a purely reactive response without ever understanding the root of the cause.

Significant growth in sales can only ever be achieved when the brand is focused on hyper-personalisation that resonates deeply with their consumer and offers them a deep immersive experience with the brand. We’ve found that companies with well-defined target audiences are 3 times more likely to achieve significant growth in future years.

This leads to increased loyalty, increased brand advocacy among their peers and cementing a consumer for life even if the competing brand is more expensive. If this is the effect that you want for your brand, achieving success in a crowded and competitive marketplace, then lets talk about your sales strategy

As a brand in business, losing market share can be a concerning issue. There can be many reasons as to why a brand loses market share, often there is a underlying economic situation that has changed. If you find your brand in a situation where a savvy competitor has moved in with more defined marketing approaches, you don’t understand who your consumers are anymore or how to reach them, or your feel that your sales revenues should be higher – then your business is experiencing market loss firsthand.

In today’s business landscape, Brands invest significant time, resources, and money in trying to acquire and retaining customer, losing customers can negatively impact revenues and profitability. So, it is essential to consider strategies to keep your existing customers engaged and prevent them from brand-switching to another competitor with an inferior product or service to yours.

The solution is to create a strong emotional connection with the consumers and be able to deliver to those consumers what they want before they know they want it. It’s a very tall order issued from a consumer to any brand, today.

Essentially consumers are seeking brands that share their values, beliefs, and interests and are willing to brand-switch, boycott or buy a competing brand based solely on shared values. When a brand communicates their values and beliefs, they create a powerful emotional connection with their consumers.

If you want to develop loyal consumers that you buy from your brand, recognise who your brand is from your competitors, remember why they buy from you and through a deeply immersive and personalised experience – then we can help your brand achieve this.

In a crowded marketplace, it’s important to differentiate your brand by offering something unique and valuable to customers – the problem is many brands are pre-occupied with looking at the competition and creating frankensteined offers that no longer resonate with what your customer wants.

Today your brand needs to give your customers what they want before they know they want it.

Understanding your target audience very intimately is vital in creating products and services that meet their specific needs, preferences, and timeframes. You also need insight into what your customers want, their needs and what their pain points are, assuming they communicate these to you, which most customers do not.

Essentially creating a point of difference is what the customer actually wants from your brand, being able to achieve it is challenging. We work with brands who want us to research your target market intimately, analyse your competitors and look at ways to continuously innovate your brand.

When you work with us to understand this about your brand (at a core level) you won’t carve out differentiate your brand, you’ll carve out distinction and stay far ahead of the competition they won’t get anywhere near your brand.

Believe it or not, this is a very common problem for brands. It goes without saying that to achieve solid sales success, brands must have a clear understanding of who their target audience is. The sad reality is that many businesses do not have an understanding, or their sales team do not know how to translate the feedback and reviews from consumers.

It is important to understand the market research that often includes industry insights, target demographics, and competitors BUT this is where brands fall short in understanding the customer’s undercurrents, not only needs and wants or pain points.

We work with Brands (as well as their marketing and sales teams) to demonstrate how they need to be communicating the brands value proposition, values, and messaging so the brand can deliver this to both potential customers and existing ones. Often the DNA of any brand (and what this means vs how this translates to the internal community and external world) has not trickled down and extended beyond the marketing team. We have worked with various brands and businesses to ensure they overcome this through a very collaborative and innovative approach – If this is something that your business needs then get in touch today.

Simply put, if you do not have a defined target audience then you essentially have no audience at all. Defining a target audience is crucial to building an effective branding strategy that resonates with customers and is fundamental is increasing sales or revenue.

From a consumer’s point of view a brand that caters to their specific and very individual needs and desires is vital for the consumer. Whilst personalisation is becoming increasingly important, most consumers want to be treated like a person, not a number. By taking the time to deeply understanding your target audience, brands can create an intimately personalised customer journey tailored to their preferences and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Determining what a consumer wants and where to find them is the challenging part. That’s where we come in. We can help you determine who or what your target audience is. We this through a variety of methods including looking market research, analytics, reviews and generally understanding the consumers behaviours and preferences towards your brand. Once we identify what these preferences are we’re able to bridge the gap between who you think (or want) your target audience to be vs who your target audience really is.

Looking at key characteristics such as demographics, location, interests, and income only takes brands so far in their marketing journey. When the real value is in how a brand tailors their messaging and branding elements towards their target audience for a very personalised, deep, and immersive experience with their brand.

We have found that over 90% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that recognise, remember, and relate to – even there is a competing brand at a lower price point. If you are looking to develop a unique and memorable brand with your target audience, looking to increase engagement and cement customer loyalty then let’s have a chat today.

Consumer behaviour is not new, in fact in refers to the actions and decisions made by consumers when making a purchasing decision. Mostly it’s a term often associated with retail brands, until 2020 when the global pandemic hit. As a result of the pandemic, all consumers worldwide changed the way they shopped and it deeply affected many brands globally, irrespective of what industry you may be in.

Now, looking at consumer behaviour is critical for any brand to understand because it directly affects your brand awareness, positioning, and market share. It has become a business critical essential to include in marketing your brand and now directly affects your brand.

From a business perspective, understanding consumer behaviour (in any industry sector) can help businesses create more effective branding strategies that respond to the customer’s interests and needs as they change. If you don’t understand your consumers (aka as target audience’s) behaviour, your ad campaigns, messaging, and marketing may not hit the mark and will eventually lead to a downturn in sales and in market share. Assuming this hasn’t already happened to your business…

Consumer behaviour and consumer insights that we offer our clients also help position your brand strategically to stay relevant in your marketplace and assist to carve out so much differentiation that our brands achieve distinction in their marketplace.

We do this through various branding elements such as a unique selling proposition, individualised or nuanced product features and compelling tone of voice for highly targeted communication. Most brands misunderstand consumer behaviour or dismiss reviews and customer complaints, which often leads to confusion and mistrust in the market.

As a business owner you want to consider how much brand awareness and presence in the marketplace that you are potentially losing, impacting on your market share. Sadly it’s a condition in business often missed only realised when the brand has suffered a vast amount of seepage in marketshare.

Today, all consumers expect the brands they deal with the to anticipate their needs and preferences, and tailor their branding elements to meet where they are at. If this is something that you would like to achieve or correct for your brand, then let’s have a chat today.