Generating sharp content is king.

Sharp content is king.

Content encompasses the tone and language of the brand, the use of the words across multiple media, including images and visual or graphic elements – All of this is considered content.

Business is no longer just about product or service. It is also about meaning and feelings – relevance to the lives of your clients.  When your brand communicates to your audience, it needs to speak one branded language that your audience understands, identifies with, knows and respects.

This means that brands and their marketing is not just about words or pictures.

Crafting the message

Brands speak all the time and even if you are not physically talking to a client or prospect your brand’s voice, through your content is speaking for itself. Understanding the meaning and significance of sharp content in your marketing materials is learning to create a voice for your brand.

It doesn’t stop there…

But it doesn’t stop there; sharp content must also carry through on blogs, social media, websites, electronic and online mediums, as well as in advertising and print.

Content directly relates to the language your brand uses with both written word and the visual medium. This is why sharp content is king. One of Google’s key algorithms to rank or index websites is relevance of content. 

Read through some of the content that has helped our clients sharpen their message and communicate in their own branded language.

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