Creative Director / Consumer Futurist / Co-Founder

Stella Gianotto

Stella’s uncanny ability to design brands with the future in mind is what has made her a sought-after branding expert and industry leader. Not only a triple-threat creative and marketer, she’s an accomplished speaker, author, media spokesperson and consultant.

With over 25 years’ design experience, multiple designs and business awards and a visual communications degree, Stella has enviable qualifications. But it’s the thousands of global brands she’s helped shape for success that prove she’s the real deal. Some of which have won their own awards and appeared on Oprah.

Stella’s strength lies in her ability to define or redefine the customer experience. As Brand for Brands co-founder and Creative Director, she helps clients find and connect with their customers, create meaningful conversations with them through digital and branding and develop long-term customer relationships into the future. Stella loves helping brands who are losing money or market share turn things around, even when it might seem impossible to the client.

When you work with Stella and Brand for Brands, you’re hiring a team that will work as hard for your business as you do. Most importantly, you’re investing in a plan to make your business grow and thrive now and into the future.


My day starts with...

Coffee and Reading

In Zoom meetings, I wear...

Hoop Earrings and Sheepskin Slippers

If I was a TV character, I’d be...

Tony Stark from Iron Man

EmojiI use the most is definitely...

" We believe in attention to detail, and we believe in businesses that keep that in mind. "

CEO / Data Nerd / Co-founder

Joanne Gianotto

Joanne is a natural leader and problem solver. When she goes in to bat for your business, you know you’re heading for a win.

A self-confessed data nerd, Joanne has a knack for interpreting online and sales data, finding patterns and ultimately uncovering potential market opportunities. It’s part of what has made Brand for Brands a worldwide retail and e-commerce business leader.

As CEO, she pilots the Brand for Brands team to use their findings, knowledge and creativity to find the real problem holding your business back and then solve it.

Her role within the company is to communicate with clients, project-manage, develop smart digital projects, and consult, of course, use her data diving superpowers to give you results you won’t find at other marketing or branding agencies.

Joanne’s driven by educating and empowering her clients, so that they can maintain the industry leadership Brand for Brands helps them achieve long after the team has stopped holding your hand.


My day starts with...

Checking Overnight Data on My Phone

In Zoom meetings, I wear...

A Cool Brooch

If I was a TV character, I’d be...

Shuri from Black Panther

EmojiI use the most is definitely...