Logo Design

A symbol, sign, graphic or icon to convey a message for a business or a brand

A Companies logo design is the Director of First Impressions.

The definition of a brand design logo, is the use of a symbol, sign, graphic or icon to convey a message for a business or a brand. This message is communicated visually through a combination of elements that include typefaces (or fonts), colours and visual graphical elements or symbols.

Every brand design logo should communicate a company, product or services message very simply but stating the company or business name, who the business or product is and where (if applicable) it comes from.

What’s the difference between a logo and a brand?

There is no such thing as ‘Just a logo design’ or ‘I only need something quick’… You see a logo design is part of a brand that is the overarching strategy or umbrella that communicates a main message through a variety of different marketing mediums or advertising channels.

A companies logo design, therefore, is the most important element of your brand as it is often the first thing that a prospect will see or learn about your brand. It’s the reason we call a logo ‘The Director of First Impressions…’.

Your brand design logo should be memorable, instantly recognisable and simple enough to understand. A strong logo that is memorable is often associated with brands that become successful and go on to develop a following (or a recognition) on a global scale.

So where do I use my logo design?

Your company’s logo design will often be used on all your marketing materials and company or corporate collateral. A few examples of where you would use your logo include your business stationery, on social media (like Facebook and Twitter), when you build a website or even creating a brochure or sales materials.

Companies logos can even be used on signage, vehicles, billboards, tv advertisements right through to coffee cups and t-shirts. There really is no end to where or how often you use your logo design.

Look at how these successful Logo Designs have stood the test of time and developed into well-known brands.

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