Before we can start with what branding actually is, let’s understand what branding is NOT… Branding is not only a logo that your sign maker quickly “whipped up” because you needed a sign.

Branding is not the product that you package up and sell in your retail store. And, branding is not only a piece of advertising or some type of marketing when you have time to do it.

Branding (defines as a mark, visual symbol or trademark) and is the symbol or emotional relationship that your business has with your audience. A brand is what the consumer actually buys.

Simply stated, the image of the product or service that your consumer/client/customer buys from you is what your business makes/produces or services.

We talk about the importance of branding, often. But people are often confused on why it is so important.

This is because people often make a judgment in their buying process (about your brand) based on initial impression the consumer gets from you.

A good brand will create a personality and tell a story about the service or product they are buying. In many cases it will give your business a voice – with a message that needs to be heard.

Understanding this can also mean the difference in your marketing activities. You see, a brand’s visual identity is what you see and what you identify with. And a brand’s voice is what you hear or read about, or what your brand says.

How well known your brand is recognized by your consumers depends on how much awareness your brand actually has. This relates directly to the how much and what type of marketing or advertising you do.

It is important to understand that people who specialize in developing brands are called ‘Brand Specialists’.

Often, graphic designers (who can design logos are not skilled at creating a brand), marketers (people who do or are in marketing), PR people/copywriters are ALL mistaken for these specialists.

These professionals all play a part in creating the marketing or advertising for your business but they DO NOT create a strategy to create and to develop your brand, and to ultimately build your business.

A brand specialist, simply put, is like an image consultant for your business’ image. They will help you create a new look (this is called brand development). They will help you decide on what to wear and where to shop (this is called brand awareness) and they’ll even help you to maintain your look moving forward (this is called marketing).

Developing a brand does require an investment in both time and money. However developing the wrong type of brand or something that ‘will just get me going’ can be a loss to the business that amounts to far more than simply a loss in sales.

It is important to determine your budget together with your Brand Specialist, as there is a lot of mis-education surrounding ‘how much a brand can cost’. A good strong brand is an investment that has longevity and requires a little effort to create.


Ask your graphic designer for a referral or look for a designer who specializes in branding.

We translate your vision, into effective branded communication.

Stella Gianotto
Executive Creative Director
Brand for Brands Agency