What does a branding specialist do?

Team Work

In a world dominated by advertising, it is impossible not to recognise the impact of iconic brands. A brand is more than a logo; branding is a technique to develop corporate identity by engaging customers.

A brand specialist focuses on certain target segments, applies psychological principles and employs three methods to help a company establish strong relationships. Research, design and strategy are key in the work of a branding specialist.

A branding specialist creates a unique competitive advantage for a brand through in-depth research and evaluation of the competition in order to design a brand identity that will resonate with the target market. Essential information regarding target market, product and channels is necessary, which can be used to define and implement a brand personality.

The ultimate success is when a brand becomes generic, such as Google, Band-aid and Escalator.  These companies have been so successful in their branding that their names have become synonymous with their product or service.  Such recognition generally indicates substantial mindshare and market dominance.

A strategy is then conceived to overcome current company or brand challenges – whether a revised logo, a user-friendly website, or an identity overhaul – and create opportunities for the brand.  Brand specialists create favourable perceptions of a brand through innovation and keeping the company’s marketing efforts on top of their game, sustaining relationships with consumers, and maintaining a consistent image that engages consumers.

While all aspects of a branding specialist’s job are important, the design component carries the most weight from a consumer perspective. Brand collateral is developed to best represent the company based on the goals that a specialist has in mind. A brand specialist provides a variety of options to a customer to fulfill both the creative desires of the specialist and the professional desires of the company. A major goal is to provide a brand identity that withstands time and grows with the company.

The role of brand specialists has become increasingly important as people begin to realise the impact of a brand. Higher expectations from consumers make coherent branding imperative. The image created by a branding specialist is typically what people remember most about a company.

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A branding specialist has done their job well consumer recognition, recall and engagement with a brand are high.

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