More and more, people are using their mobile devices to search for things using Google. Inevitably, Google has been monitoring an individual’s search patterns and relating this basic behavior back to how the Google search engine indexes (or ranks) a website. It was only a matter of time before Google added ‘mobile friendliness’ or ‘mobile responsiveness’ to its website search engine criteria. That criteria is now here.

Let’s assume you’ve never heard of the term ‘mobile friendly’ or ‘mobile responsiveness’. In simple terms being ‘mobile friendly’ or ‘mobile responsiveness’ is the ability of a website to be viewed on a mobile device (like an iPhone) and for the website to ‘respond’ accordingly by adapting to any size screen.

On the 21st April 2014, Google added ‘mobile friendliness’ to a website’s ranking criteria in its search engine. Google has stated, ‘we will offer a more favourable ranking to websites that cater for a better response by the user on a mobile device’.

What does this mean for your brand and your business?

It means that Google will ‘favour’ websites which have this feature built into them. It will be only a matter of time before the other search engines follow their lead.

This might not seem business critical in the short term to any brand. In the long term we will see smaller tech savvy, innovative brands forge their businesses ahead in this space. Heavy competition in the online space will challenge some very BIG brands. If a brand’s website currently ranks at the top of their industry search, it may not be the case very soon. Are you prepared for the battle of the brands?

If your website is not mobile responsive you will miss out on a lot of views and click through’s. It could mean a huge difference in achieving your sales target, or not. For users, it means we’ll be able to receive updates faster, easier and right at our finger tips and creating the perfect search conditions using a mobile device.

We can liken this situation to when analogue mobile phones were all phased out to digital, eventually they will stop working altogether. It won’t be long for this to occur with websites.

Not convinced? In 2013, Digital Trends magazine predicted that the number of mobile phones in use will exceed the world’s population by 2014. Today there are more mobile phones in use then there are people in the world.

What will this to do your brand online?

Knowing this statistic, will your website be found by the Google search engine? How will that impact your business?


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Stella Gianotto
Executive Creative Director
Brand for Brands Agency