They say you should love what you do. It’s why many of us spend hours refining our trade, our skills, networking, and losing sleep over little things to ensure that everything is just right.

At Brand for Brands, we all love what we do. Without that love, there is no creativity. And, without that creativity, there is no communication.

We’d like to share with you some of our client projects that we love. We’d welcome referrals and love nothing more than show you how your brand can build your business.


Brand for Brands loved making an individual into a brand on this project.

Sales Tool Design

We created an icon, through the use of distinctive physical features of the individual as part of this brand (the bald head), combined with typographical elements. This allowed us to create a brand that has flexibility in terms of how and where it was applied overall, especially as the brand grows.

The brand and icons where able to be used in sub-brands using a similar concept and communication technique.

We where able to productise a traditionally service-based business through the creation of a strong iconic brand.

The icon in the brand also lends itself to various shapes, cuts and folds – to make traditional marketing material more memorable and  give it more impact.

No stock images where used, all graphical elements where custom created to cater to the client and the specific benefits of each service. This created a graphics library for the client that was versatile enough to be used across all online and offline media and collateral.

A brand like this can become global and still maintain its individuality and essence of what the brand was trying to create (and not all brands can). This brand now has a platform to grow beyond the individual and truly grow into a global player. (2018 UPDATE: this brand is well on its way).

We loved working on this brand because the product offer was great, what the individual was offering was authentic and real. The brand needed to reflect this offering while being able to compete on a global basis.

View the brand here.

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