Transforming Blands into BRANDS

Like Investigative Journalists, We Strip Your Brand Down to it’s Underwear - Laying Everything on the Table

If you’re looking for a new logo or some fancy graphics, we’re not the branding agency for you.

We go deep. We confront. And…

We Listen to Every Idea to Ensure Nothing is Dismissed

Why? Because to create a distinctive brand (instead of a “me too” bland that’s stone deaf in its messaging) and be attractive to consumers again we need to…

➔ Get to the core of your consumers heart
➔ Diveinto their psyche
➔ And inspire them to buy into your vision and invest with you

In one seamless experiential action.

This takes DEEP research, but it’s worth it – because you’ll finally hit your consumers “core”, and cut through every competitors claim…

Giving you the clarity to move forward with your strategic plans, and ensure every dollar invested in advertising & marketing is leveraged.

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  • 25 Years Experience
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So, What’s Holding Your Business Back – Which of These Applies to You?


And I don’t know if it’s a branding issue or something else

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I’ve lost touch with who my consumer is, and feel like I’ve lost my edge

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The ‘repeat activity’ is expensive andextremely challenging

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Enough Shortcuts - Protect Your Brand From Mundane Meddling

Almost everyone does it.

When you’re unhappy with one or more elements of your brand, you let anyone and everyone “have a go” at it and end up with Frankenstein, it still functions but is robotic.

It gets shit on, no one takes it seriously, and it gets kicked to the curb along with your reputation.

We can help you break this cycle for your brand

  • Are you looking for a branding agency who has the experience to finally get your brand to fit like a glove, so it really feels like you with what your brand walks, talks and wears?
  • Do you want a branding agency who takes the time to really hear you, understand your vision, clarify your ideas, and create a distinctive brand in the tsunami of an AI Avalanche via our 30+ years of experience?
  • Are you seeking a branding agency who is willing to understand both you, your competitors and your customers at such a deep level you can personalise your marketing material to make the recipient feel as

though EVERYONE was personally written for them?

If so, schedule a Free Brand Success Call to discuss your vision).

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Our Proven Process Ensures You Get a Distinctive Brand that Sets You Apart From Your Competitors

If you’ve been involved with branding consultants before, perhaps you’re nervous about getting it wrong. Maybe you still don’t feel congruent about your brand, something seems ‘off’ despite what the ‘so-called-experts’ you’ve engaged in the past have told you?

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know it still doesn’t feel like YOU.

Perhaps your ideas were overlooked, dismissed and you lost control of YOUR brand.

Perhaps you’ve fallen into the trap of “Frankensteining”, where so many elements have been put together to form your brand’s visual identity without considering where those elements came from OR if those elements suited the brand (or not) – making it robotic and cumbersome.

Or perhaps you’ve replicated (or should we say ‘permanently borrowed’ too many ideas from other brands, without realising the balance of consumer / corporate power has shifted and we’ve now hit a point where brands require ‘custom customisation.’

We are here to ensure you don’t repeat this cycle. Over the past 30 years (and 3,0500 creative projects) we’ve perfected our processes and developed a tailored methodology called “The Integrated Advantage” which is a coordinated plan for brand breakthroughs

1. Diagnose the problem correctly…

so you feel truly listened to, all your ideas are factored in - and the essence of you as the originator of the brand is not lost.

2. Thoroughly research your business…

so it is positioned to cut through the post-pandemic, copy & pray “whitewash effect”, and becomes distinctive from your competitors.

3. Assess the Core DNA & Soul of Your Brand…

and create a new vision so your marketing, socials, website and logo are all playing the same song, and singing in unison.

4. Clarify How to “Wear” Your Brand…

including how it walks, talks and what it wears. The colours, the images, the personality and the attitude.

5. Create Distinctive Brand Collateral…

including logo design, images, video content & copy so your brand stands out based on the exact lifecycle your business is at.

6. Execute the Brand Both Online & Offline…

including SEO, email marketing, brochures, direct mail, packaging, exhibitions, signage and more - so you have a truly consistent, integrated and effective branding presence in the market.

7. Support the Brand…

so you prioritise the most important steps and have the creative direction needed to effectively market your brand to the world.
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3,500 Creative Projects over 25+ Years. This is What our Clients Say About What Happens When They Learn to Talk to Their Consumers Undercurrent, Instead of Their Needs or Wants


Meet the Wog Kid Determined to Understand What it Takes to Be ‘’

As the ‘wog kid’ with the long Italian ‘alphabet name’, the founder and CEO of Brand for Brands (together with her sister Joanne), Stella Gianotto realised the power of branding from a very young age when her name was shortened (from Mariastella) in year 6 because there were too many Maria’s in the class.
She was finally distinctive  – and was amazed at what a difference it made and how people remembered her name.
Since then, she’s made it her mission to help businesses be memorable.

Together with Joanne, her younger sister (separated by nearly a generation), they forge a powerful union of creativity and technical prowess. This dynamic duo balances both left-brain and right-brain strengths to perfection.

As a seasoned professional coder, Joanne liaises with digital teams, seamlessly translating Stella’s visions into tangible results. Her expertise bridges the gap between concept and execution.

Moreover, Joanne is unafraid to delve deep, challenge assumptions, and strip away any misconceptions. This tenacity ensures your brand is positioned with unmistakable distinction in the marketplace, making a lasting impact.

Unlike other branding agencies who jump directly to logos, fancy graphics and ‘creativity’, Stella and Joanne conduct deep, immersive research at a “core” level – and won’t jump to any recommendations until they have spent time thoroughly diagnosing your brand.

Learn more about the attributes that enable Stella, Joanne and their team to make your brand the next big thing – and the leader in your space.

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Brand Success Call to Help You Understand if We’re Right for You

As you start on your branding or rebranding journey, I’m sure you have questions. Stella and Joanne are happy to share their 25 years of experience to help you carve out the distinction required to make your marketing effective again and win back market share from your competitors.

We invite you to schedule a Brand Success Call Session so you can get to understand our approach. During the session, we’ll show you how it’s possible to overcome the saturation of competing copycat brands without resorting to the destructive race of discounting.

Book a Brand Success Call Session And leverage our 25 Years of Experience
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