We’re not just saying this because we’re brand identity designers; bad branding or neglecting your brand will cost your business in the long run. An intentional brand identity helps businesses set themselves apart from competitors, build trust and loyalty with, and become instantly recognisable.

Brand identity designers can help your business not only reap the rewards of market-leading, memorable branding but also avoid the hidden costs of branding gone wrong.

Bad Branding Costs You Opportunities

Your branding is what will make or break your stakeholders’ very first impression of you. Everyone from customers to leads to investors to potential partners will make a judgement call on your professionalism and your market positioning based on your branding.

An incohesive brand that has been Frankensteined together will not only eliminate you when it comes to making a favourable impression on your stakeholders, it will also erode their trust in your brand. Many businesses will lose sales, collaborations and partnerships before they even have a chance to come to life simply because their first impression ‒ their branding ‒ was the last thing they thought to invest in.

Bad Branding Alienates Talent

Besides the client-facing impact a bad brand can have, branding has a distinct impact on existing and potential employees. A cohesive, strategic brand identity is about so much more than just your logo ‒ it filters into the very anatomy of the culture that ties your team together.

Failing to build a deliberate brand identity can impact morale and mission clarity AKA your brand substance. This in turn will destroy efficiency, effectiveness and quality in your business. More importantly, your bad branding might chase new talent away from you and into the arms of your competition…a blow to any business looking to stay ahead of the curve and outcompete rivals.

Bad Branding Literally Costs You

When your business’s branding does not work for you, it works against you. This means that you will have to shell out a larger marketing budget in order to achieve results or correct any ineffective marketing. A lack of brand recognition ‒ born out of poor branding ‒ means that your marketing team will need to fight harder and longer, spending more budget to educate your target audience on your business, its products or services, and their benefits. A good brand will automatically position you in front of the right target audience.

In short, a larger upfront investment in your branding will lead to a lower marketing spend over time and the rewards will far outweigh the initial investment

While poor branding is the silent business killer, intentional branding, or branding with impact, is the driving force behind attracting opportunities, differentiating yourself in a crowded marketplace, drawing in game-changing talent and, ultimately, boosting sales and your bottom line.

Is it time for you to give your branding the attention it deserves?

If you’re ready to play in the big league, let’s work together to design a memorable, profitable, market-leading brand. Our brand identity designers are just a click away. Browse our branding services today, and say NO to racking up the invisible debt bad branding is costing you.