Your brand is the face of your business, and it plays a crucial role in attracting your dream customers (you know, the people you actually want to work with), differentiating you from competitors, and conveying your authentic self.

But not all branding efforts hit the mark.

In fact, your branding might be in desperate need of an update. If your business’s branding comes to mind when reading through any of the below signs of bad, boring branding, it’s time to invest in business branding services. 

Compared To Your Competitors, You Look Old and Clunky

If your branding looks outdated compared to your competitors, that is a major red flag. In the ever-evolving world of design and aesthetics, staying current is essential.

Here’s what you should watch out for:

  1. Outdated Logo: If your logo design feels like it’s stuck in the last century (or even the last decade for that matter) – it’s time for an upgrade. Logos should be memorable and reflective of your business’s personality. Instant indicators of the need to update your logo include the use of bubble letters, anything resembling clip art, or a style that makes you think of your favourite 80s sitcom – unless of course you have a specific product targeteing 80’s nostalgia…
  2. Uninspiring Color Scheme: Dull or mismatched colours can make your brand appear uninspiring and unprofessional. A fresh, appealing colour palette can rejuvenate your image and your brand. Take a look at trending colour palettes for an idea of where you stand.

Refreshing your branding to align with current design trends (which your competitors are already leaning into) can breathe new life into your business.

Your Old USP Messaging Doesn’t Match Your Current USP

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the key message that sets you apart from your competition, sometimes referred to as ‘your why’. However, if your branding still clings to an outdated purpose and offering, it’s likely to confuse potential customers and undermine your credibility.

Here’s how to identify this issue:

  1. Inconsistent Brand Voice: Your brand voice is the tone and personality your business portrays through its communications and everyday language. If your brand’s voice doesn’t match your USP, it can create a disjointed image. Your brand voice may have once been informal and playful, but now that you have multiple locations across the country, you’d like to update it to be more unified and reflective of the markershare you have gained.
  2. Changing Audience Needs: Over time, customer preferences and needs change. If your branding doesn’t adapt to reflect these changes, it can lead to reduced conversions and lower sales. Back in the day, marketing a DVD as something that “the cool kids” bought would have worked as it was a fresh, new product. Nowadays, marketing a DVD as a nostalgic throwback would get the business in question more bang for its buck.

You Keep Getting The Question: “So…What Do You Do, Again?”

One of the most significant signs of ineffective branding is when people can’t easily grasp what your business is about. This can be caused by:

  1. Lack of Clarity: Your branding should make it immediately clear what products or services you offer and to whom these products or services are targeted. Ambiguity and inauthenticity drives potential customers away, straight into the arms of your competitors.
  2. Missing Value Proposition: Your branding should communicate the value customers will receive by choosing your business. If this is unclear, potential clients may hesitate to engage. Is your brand’s biggest differentiator that you’re the affordable choice? Or the premium quality choice? Make sure that this comes through loud and clear in your branding and in your brands tone of voice.

If your branding is guilty of any of the above, it’s time to discuss business branding services with us. Let’s rework your look and help you unlock the results you’ve been aiming for.