Tax Deduction

What can I buy that will generate more business brand for me?


With the end of the financial year fast approaching, have you considered how to invest your remaining funds helping you save on tax, or avoid having your budget being cut next year?

The question you really need to ask is… what can you buy that will generate more business (for your business brand)?


Like most businesses, you experience a decline in sales at least once in a year (or more if your product or service is seasonal). For most Australian businesses the slowdown begins just before Christmas and only really recovers sometime after school goes back (hopefully before Anzac Day). This is most businesses DON’T spend any money or make ANY investment decisions at the end of the year.

Regardless of HOW you look at it, the one area of your business you CAN’T ignore, is marketing. It’s the single most important thing that generates you more leads, more sales and more business.

Investing in your own marketing will help in generating sales. Marketing is effective not only during the quieter months but also in the busier months, too. 


Marketing is 100% Tax Deductible

Any investment in advertising, marketing or branding is generally 100% tax deductible. This investment does not have a depreciation schedule, unlike equipment. So it makes more sense to invest in marketing than purchasing any items which attract depreciation.

Adds immediate value to your business

A marketing related tax-write off is an investment, full stop. It adds immediate value to the business through not so with marketing. The added value is marketing generates you more leads, equipment does not. 

Get a jump-start on the competition

Marketing campaigns take time in planning, developing, implementing and getting traction. So why pay for marketing at the end of the calendar year and then have to wait six months for consistent sales growth? Do it now, and you will be in front – you can use a tax write-off to start the new financial year and get an edge on your competition.


SALES FUNNELS & EMAIL RESPONSE CAMPAIGNS – This is a fast, cost effective way to attract more qualified leads into your business that you can use to promote specific services or products. Use this in addition to your current sales method and use the power of technology to increase your sales.

WEBSITE LEAD GENERATION SOLUTIONS – This is still an untapped marketing resource that can work for you. Update your website to be more mobile-responsive website, enhance your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and increase your ability to be found, create a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign, writing content specifically for an SEO lead generation or manage your Social Media accounts to create opportunities – we have a complete digital team that can do all of this and more for you.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CONTENT CREATION – You might have someone in-house to do this for you, or perhaps you want to be able to do it yourself –but you’d like to know what else or how else you can do it? We can strategies with you so you can learn directly from us and implement what we teach. Or we can do it for you. We’ll give you telephone support, so we can help you if you ever get stuck or feel like you can’t do it.

Choosing to invest in your tax write-off dollars in marketing and grow your business will help your save tax and deliver a measurable return-on-investment in the form of additional sales. Your will also create a powerful brand that will differentiate you from your competitors.

Just as a personal trainer or coach will help you tone your branding muscle, our marketing brands accelerator strategy session will help you to focus on your brand, your business goals and create pathways to help you in marketing your brand, made easy.

To make your decision easier, we’re offering you a FREE Marketing Strategy Session, valued at $600.


  An in-depth analysis of your current marketing to determine what is working, what’s not and what needs to be accelerated.

A in-depth website analysis to see if your website is optimised to generate leads, if it is set up for SEO, does it cover Google best practice and what changes could result in increasing your leads.

    The easiest and most appropriate marketing channels (and frequency), you can use to generate leads.

    A ‘marketing your own brand’ roadmap, which we’ll provide with your action steps for marketing to generate leads in the next 4-6 weeks.

    A free e-book outlining all the branding and marketing tools you have available to implement into your business today.

The Marketing Brands Accelerator Strategy Session is being offered on a first come basis and is limited to 17 businesses (remember there are only a few days until the end of the 2018/19 financial year).

In case you’re even the tiniest bit concerned about losing or declining sales in the next few weeks/months, then investing your end-of-year surplus in marketing is an option you should seriously consider.

Still on the fence? – here is what past strategy attendees advise.

“For the past three years Stormseal has engaged Brands for Brands Agency to manage our branded digital and print media. During this time we have seen significant growth in our brand awareness, both domestically and aboard. 
Brand for Brands Agency has provided an end to end website solution, communicating branded messages to our clients, allowing connectivity with our customers and intergrated ecommerce platforms. Outside of this the Agency manages our print media requirements inclusive of but not limited to signage, poster, brochure & catalogue design.
I can honestly say they have gone ‘above and beyond’ to service our needs and remain a key service for our business operations.”
Matthew L, Stormseal

“We really appreciate all of your help in getting our marketing material completed. Our team could not be more satisfied with your work, and we look forward to continuing to work together and seeing continual improvement in our results.”
Rose N, ZF Financial Services

“On behalf of the team, thank you for showing us how to showcase our work. I really wanted to convey my appreciation of the effective and comprehensive level of expertise and ROI provided by your team.”
Chris L, Blue Group

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