Stella Gianotto

Global Branding Expert;
Multi-award Winning Creative Director;
Author & Speaker

Stella Gianotto is a branding expert with more than 3000 creative projects to her name; she has personally developed 1000 brands. All this has led to wide ranging recognition including 3 business and design awards, one of the brands she created getting air-time on Oprah Winfrey, and her custom designed merchandise being created for celebrities. Stella started her journey into branding from an early age. She used her mother’s camera to compose photos of her toys and continued on to finding creative ways to earn pocket money or sell the most lamingtons for fundraisers. Stella built on her childhood creativity and entrepreneurial spirit during her Bachelor of Arts specialising in Field Of Study Visual Communications. Moving straight into design from her degree where she identified a need for more branding support for businesses. Stella soon branched out and established her own business centred on being a catalyst for explosive business growth for her clients.

Stella has built her reputation as a leading branding expert through years of experience, and a talent for getting to know her clients and their environment. Stella’s presence in the industry has led to her contribution to several books, Marketing Brands Made Easy, Book of Amazing People, Well Spun: Big PR and Social Media Ideas for Small Business; and Social Media Marketing: Write Up Your Tweet. Stella also contributes to media including blogs and video presentations: Sydney Business Month; Business Business Business; Start up Daily Australia; Dynamic Small Business Australia; Australian Business Solutions Magazine, Start Up Daily (Online) Australia; Australia Post Priority Magazine; CEO Blog Nation, Shoe String Media; and Marketing Space. 

Stella Gianotto

Stella Gianotto is a branding guru who is passionate about making branding accessible and understandable for her clients.

Stella is known for connecting with her clients on their terms, building her understanding of who they are and why they are seeking her help using her ability to take and interpret a detailed brief from her clients while developing each client’s knowledge of branding. This leads to her client’s success every time as Stella is able to effectively brand and communicate her clients’ vision and work closely with them to catalyse change and business expansion. One of Stella’s strengths is knowing when a client needs space to grow and develop their vision or when they need encouragement to help them flourish. Stella has an ability to show businesses the importance of branding by peeling back the layers to really understand how vital branding is to marketing which leads to business growth.

Stella’s drive to share her knowledge of branding comes from her desire to break down barriers to branding, showing people the value of branding, and how important it can be to business growth. 

Stella is about to publish her book ‘Stop Marketing. Start Branding’ which teaches businesses the fundamentals of branding to get more customers through easily digestible cooking metaphors.

Stella teaches her clients how to navigate the muddy waters of branding through real world examples of branding in our every day lives, and sharing her roads to success and the lessons she learned.

Stella listens to her clients and takes the time to understand and comprehend their environment, without making assumptions about who they are, how they operate, and what their environment is like.

Stella uses this to knowledge to approach her branding work with the same vigour as an invested stakeholder, working with her clients to find the right brand and message for her clients.

Her wealth of experience and drive to share her knowledge has led Stella to speaking. Over the past few years Stella Gianotto has been speaking to a range of audiences, developing their passion for their own brands and inspiring them to leverage their creativity and drive.

Stella is enjoying working with her clients and speaking to a wider audience through speaking engagements, as a guest speaker, and as a panellist. She hopes that as she “takes branding to the masses” more and more businesses will be able to brand themselves irrespective of where they or where the lifecycle of their business is at.