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Are you frustrated with marketing? Lost on what to do or when to do marketing?

Do you find marketing too confusing and expensive?

The Start Marketing Now package is a simple, easy to use package that you can download instantly to give you the tools you need, to start marketing your business TODAY. This package is normally valued at $1,200 but we’re giving it to you for only $650.

Stuck with your marketing?

We all know how important it is to establish a great brand that builds your business, but often we’re stuck on how (or where) we market our brand. Once you learn the marketing exercises that can help you build your brand (and not just cost money) you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll generate leads and get more sales.

If you’ve found that marketing experts are too expensive and everything takes too long to do, then the Brand for Brands ‘Start Marketing Now’ package will help you get your business into the market place. In an instant you’ll download all the tools you need to learn how to do marketing yourself without the need of a professional to do it for you.

Need help?

If you’ve dabbled in marketing before and you had little or no success, or you feel you can’t do it yourself, then you’re not alone.


  1. Your very own e-book called ‘Branding Toolkit’ to help you understand how and where to market your brand easily and be able learn how to do it yourself;
  2. A workbook that guides you through each chapter and helps you to understand each marketing exercise to get your brand marketing ready;
  3. A marketing budget template that you can use to help you develop how much your marketing spend is and to keep track of where your marketing budget is spent, and
  4. A marketing calendar template that you can use to keep track of the marketing activity that you do.

OUR GIFT TO YOU (because we’re passionate about helping brands to market themselves) we’re offering a Complimentary 45min Brand Strategy Session (normally valued at $600) to help you to help you develop a marketing strategy for your Brand.


This package is normally valued at $1,200 but we’re giving it to you for only $650.00 + GST. The return on investment is immeasurable, in time, resources and revenue (aka more sales!!).

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START MARKETING TODAY and your clients will gain a better understanding of your product or service.

You’ll get increased leads that ultimately leads to more business.

Still on the fence? – here’s what one small business owner had to say.

New customers (since my rebrand of Foodzone), find me everyday looking for a nutrition expert thanks to their branding strategy and I love our new look. This book helped me understand how to focus on what was important to our branding, where before it was all too confusing and we did everything half baked. We are now a well known brand, thanks to the Start Marketing Now toolkit.

Duncan Hunter, Foodzone