The histroy of SEO is a sort-of war ensued between the search engines and webmasters—a cat-and-mouse game with escalating stakes, namely egos and cash, and giving rise to a

Search Engine Optimization industry.

The fallout was a shady reputation, which is unfortunate. SEO has a serious and legitimate “White Hat” side. After all, Google still needs to read our pages and make subject determinations about our pages.

Much has already been written about this topic, but in this article, The SEO Game by Robert Lorimor, he touches on why we should play the SEO game, or not.

Robert goes onto ask Stella Gianotto, our Founder and Creative Director, if SEO is worth the trouble, and if having a blog is critical for businesses today.

Read more to discover the answers and a little bit more….

Do you play the SEO Game?

Robert Lorimor is a freelance writer and photographer, who enjoyes writing to invoke the imagination, incite the emotion and invite action.