They say that you should love what you do and this why many of us spend hours refining our trade, networking, and losing sleep over little things to ensure that everything is just right.

At Brand for Brands branding agency, we all love what we do. Without that love, there is no creativity. And, without that creativity, there’d be no brands born…

Here’s a project we’d like to showcase, it’s an older one from our archives, but it’s still effective today.

The true strength of a brand

Brand for Brands branding agency was given the opportunity to turn an artist into a brand and to make it known as ‘it’s a Peter Watson Art…‘; just like it was a Van Gogh or an Andy Warhol.

The visuals in this project were amazing to work with. They where inspiring and strong – adding depth and flavour to the brand.

The client was open to the use of strong graphic elements, while still maintaining his own integrity and essence to his work. This allowed him to evolve from just another artist into a brand that adds value and cachet to the art.

We worked closely with Peter; he was complementary to the whole process and offered valuable input to assist us. The assignment was a fantastic collaboration between the client and the Brand for Brands Agency creative team.

The brand created translated well from offline to online mediums. This translation added another dimension overall to the depth of the brand.

The project included the creation of a series of individually designed collateral, which worked as a family and own their own. The true strength of a brand.

The project complete the client is now managing his own brand in an overseas market, and is able to continually grow both the brand, and the business overall.

Such collaboration on project with artists is rare as most have concerns with their artistic integrity being maintained and being communicated. We had a very good marriage of creativity and business acumen on this one.

View the outcome of the project here.

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Stella Gianotto
Executive Creative Director
Brand for Brands Agency