Real Results Personal Training Brand and Website Design

We created an entirely new brand, including the logo, business cards and website.

real results logo
Real Result poster on wall

Real Results Personal Training is a personal training business that specializes in body transformations and fat loss.

Their philosophy is to coach you by assessing your individual physiology, lifestyle, nutrition and training plans to achieve the desired outcome. The philosophy of Real Results Personal Training is quite simple: Real Results. And they get results!!

The client was looking for a logo that was sharp, clean and impactful.

The logo that we created uses strong red gradient to show depth, dimension and overall strength. It worked well when applied to the icon and typography, either together or separated.

Instead of using black, we used a deep charcoal colour. Black can be quite an aggressive and strong colour, especially when coupled with red. In this case, the charcoal softens the impact a little.

We created elements that can be used together and separately all within the same brand. The logo is flexible, has many possibilities and lends itself to be applied in many ways.

This clean, strong and impactful feel was then carried through into the website design. The use of striking images further emphasised the results that the client achieves.

The website was created with a Content Management System (CMS) to enable the client to make edits and publish News (blog) articles internally.

The end results: a logo that’s modern and gains its strength from the letter ‘R’.

Click here to view the Real Results Personal Training website.

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