We created a logo and brand to help build the clients individual profile and business credibility.


Wendy the Candle Lady

Wendy the Candle Lady began her own business when she discovered a passion for candles.

She shares her knowledge about candles, home decoration, and home fragrances with thousands of clients through home distribution.

Wendy came to our team in need of a professional re-brand to be taken seriously as a business instead of retaining the stigma of a home business.

The Brand for Brands Agency team created a logo design and brand for Wendy to help build her individual profile and her business credibility. A ‘W’ was incorporated into the flame logo design, and bright colours were used through the brand. We created marketing collateral to be used in conjunction with another of Wendy’s brands. Stationery, a website, and marketing materials were all included in her package.

The Outcome

“I can’t thank you enough for developing my logo and helping me understand my brand. It has made a huge difference to my business and I present myself well; confident that my brand represents and support’s my reputation. If you have a business and need some brand work, do yourself a favour and meet with Brand for Brands.”

Wendy the Candle Lady

Wendy the Candle Lady logo