A brochure was needed to increase community support, which would have to appeal to diverse backgrounds and engage various audiences.

As a new program, Crew for Life needed a brand identity and logo design to secure the participants required to achieve their fundraising goals.

Crew For Life is a fundraising initiative that combines fundraising efforts for children’s cancer research combined with a fitness training program to help everyday people compete in major fitness events, such as the City to Surf and the Blackmore’s Running Festival.

Our team created a flexible brand identity that combined the aspects of fitness with giving that projected an uplifting and aspirational quality about the brand. This visual quality in the logo design is what resonated the most and adopted by the target audience.

The Outcome

The brand identity was rolled out in a very short period of time encompassing merchandise design, clothing design, stationery design and a website design that with content management system (know as a CMS).

To accompany the Crew For Life branding, a website design was needed to educate users on the Crew For Life program. The website lets users join the Crew For Life program online and select the events they want to train for.

We integrated a content management system (CMS) into the website design. The CMS included a variety editing tools to enable them to edit and develop the website as the program expanded, as a news feed, social media campaign for search engine optimisation and a payment gateway.

An electronic newsletter (or e-DM) allows Crew For Life to send out regular e-newsletters to the participants, keeping them informed of training updates, changes or goals achieved.

The program has enjoyed great success, raising large sums across each of the events, and generating significant interest and regular participants in a short space of time.