We created a brand that had series of individually designed collateral pieces that had a dual purpose as marketing material. As well as created a highly visual, mobile responsive and intuitive website.

Peter Watson Art is a fine arts’ photographer that uses modern photographic techniques to ‘paint with light’. The artist has amazing visual images to work with, they were inspiring and strong.

The Brand for Brands Agency team turned an individual into a brand. The client was open to use strong graphic elements, but still wanted his integrity maintained in the essence of his work, his visual images, throughout all the digital marketing material.

The Outcome

We created unique collateral design pieces for the artist, which had a dual purpose as marketing material. Each individual item worked on its own and sat in harmony together as a family of collateral/marketing material.

There was great collaboration between the design team and the artist. The final result being a visually inspiring website that is mobile responsive, and created a personal gallery and viewing platform for all mobile devices.