We created a logo, collateral, website and merchandise for a professional medical association.


Amber Tiles Chatswood

Amber Tiles Chatswood is part of a franchise, but the client’s boutique store has a slightly different target market.

The client came to our team for help designing a sales tool or brochure that was specific to this store, without losing the overarching brand or detracting from any advertising the head office was doing on its behalf.

The purpose of the sales tool was for Amber Tiles Chatswood to have something to give to or leave behind for prospective clients. It also doubled as a marketing piece to send in the mail to existing, past, and prospective clients to invite them back into the store or to consider the store for future projects.

The concept was to create a minimalistic, high-end sales tool that would capture the attention of architects, designers, and industry people and to advertise this particular store’s product range (which was unique to the other stores in the franchise group). We used specific print embellishments to enhance the quality of production.


The Outcome

The final design was a landscape, square format with gate-folded pages. It was printed in full colour, with a specific shape cut out and selected varnishes and finishes on the cover to enhance the design.

The sales tool successfully increased awareness of the Amber Tiles Chatswood product range and store offerings. The client also observed an increase in repeat clientele as well as referrals from suppliers as a direct effect of the marketing.