Female entrepreneurs need to be savvy about investing effort into creating consistent personal branding that will help propel them towards business goals more quickly.

To be able to maintain dominance in the market requires three things:

  1. A strong brand presence,
  2. Customer retention, and
  3. Vigorously building the brands presence.

Personal Branding is not new but it has become an integral factor in any business success. With an oversupply of products on the market, achieving a global business as a female entrepreneur demands more than a slick looking LinkedIn profile or the convenience of a scrolling target market waiting to buy from Instagram.

In the past, you could’ve attained your business goals through vigorous marketing or aggressive advertising. In today’s over-saturated marketplace and under reported female entrepreneurialism it requires a strategically crafted BRAND identity.

According The Financial Review“Women today own almost 40 per cent of Australia’s small businesses, contributing to a 46 per cent increase in the number of female business operators in Australia over the past two decades”.


In the past, you could’ve attained your business goals through vigorous marketing or aggressive advertising. In today’s over-saturated marketplace it requires a strategically crafted BRAND identity.

Until recently, personal branding was only achievable by the heads or CEOs of large national or international companies in any arena. But that is no longer the case. The internet, social media and global distribution systems now allow every female entrepreneur to be global.

We have plenty of home-grown examples who have done just that:

– Michelle Bridges, went from humble trainer to building a personal empire worth $60 million, and
– Janine Allis, the Australian businesswoman behind Boost Juice who started operations in her own home and is now worth $66 million.


Simply put, a personal brand (your brand) should be in the imagination of your client or customer when they think about your offering. Think of a cool beverage to give you a boost, and it’s Boost Juice. In need of some stylish desk accessories, and it’s Kikki K. That’s what a brand (whether it is a product or an individual) aims to create – top of mind recall. That is what you need to create for your personal branding.

While your name conveys who you are and a company logo conveys what you do, your PERSONAL BRANDING represents your values, lifestyle or self-image – who they are. If you can combine this message to influence your customers through your marketing and advertising efforts, you’ll create a very powerful brand and simultaneously carve out a niche market for yourself.


Company name, logowebsite and social media should be considered early on when setting up a business so they enhance your personal branding.

Investing in identifying a brand before all of these marketing activities will accelerate business in the start-up phase and save on redoing things later. An effective personal branding strategy will allow for a generous portion of free advertising through social media and public relations.

In a society where women are encouraged to stand tall and be bold and courageous to get ahead, personal branding can be the missing ingredient to cutting through dominated industries. In light of that, with the right considerations fearless female entrepreneurs can establish and flourish into iconic female brands.