Are you comfortable missing out on sales and customers?

Are you a business owner who takes emails and electronic newsletters for granted? Do you consider one more email as ‘more junk’ in your inbox because you’re bombarded with so many?

It’s OK to admit it, because I am too… And I’m in the business of visual communication!!!

Consider, though, the power of one. According to the Digital Marketer “The Power of One” is to:

 Emphasise’s one good idea.
 Stirs one core emotion.
 Tells one captivating story.
 Directs the prospect to one inevitable response.

One more email to continue to nurture your clients. One more newsletter to up-sell your product or service. One more marketing piece that could result in ongoing business.

It does happen, and we know, because we make it happen for our clients with just one more.

I can hear you saying ‘yes, yes, I hear you, but I don’t have ____________ (insert your reason here)’.

All I ask is that you don’t hold yourself back with any of these excuses:

1. I don’t have enough time to send a bloody newsletter

2. Maybe I can start tomorrow… or later (but never ever get to it)

3. I have no idea where to start, there’s no way that I can do this

Do they sound familiar?

Our business landscape is packed with start-ups, small and medium business who have all made the same mistakes. They eagerly run out, create their business, design their products or services, get it nicely branded and packaged, and then wait…. And wait…. And wait…

Only to find out that no buyers are coming. They built it and the buyers didn’t come.

This isn’t a reflection of demand, or of your efforts.

Someone out there does want to buy what you have to offer. In fact, some buyers will even want to rave about it to their friends.

So, what’s the secret that will connect you with buyers, and get your business to success—fast?

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it that makes the difference.”

You need copy.

And not any copy, you need persuasive copy. The easiest, fastest and cheapest way for any business to utilise that copy is through emails and e-DM’s.

Persuasive copy can be tricky, but done correctly, is very powerful and super effective. Put aside your doubts and apprehensions you have, because the use of persuasive copy in your marketing is real. In fact, you can use persuasive copy in your online ads, your social media posts, your blogs and articles, your website and across your sales material.

Consider what a fully functional, cut to the core, intimate email can do to increase your business sustainably. Or what ROI you could achieve with an emotional grabbing headline for your google ads.

It all seems like it’s too hard, until things work out. Don’t delay it, and don’t talk yourself out of what we know will work for you.

In our next blogwe’ll show you how this proven asset of ‘persuasive copy’ (we have) has brought our clients and customers tremendous success.

Of course, if you can’t wait and you are tired of the same old conversation with clients, then call and “persuade” me that you are serious about being ‘persuasive’.