The biggest, most renowned global brands today have the financial capital and branding clout available to exploit a true omnichannel strategy – where brands can promote themselves with consistent messaging across multiple platforms, channels and devices. As a result, consumers expect (or at least respond very well to) a seamless experience across all touchpoints. They research online, buy in-store, and share experiences on social media. They experience the world and shop in the “phygital”.

Our brand design agency knows that when you bring together the physical and digital worlds, you create a more compelling brand experience for your clients resulting in increased loyalty and more sales.

Enhance The Customer Journey

Phygital experiences bridge the gap between online research and offline purchases. A customer can browse a product online and then (once at your physical store) use their phone for AR product visualisation in-store, or scan a QR code for exclusive discounts or to order (when the product is not in-store).

Pop-up shops with interactive displays, gamified loyalty programs, or in-store events that leverage social media all create a lasting impression and encourage the kind of brand advocacy that will boost your brand’s competitiveness. In the past, they were a novelty for brand immersion, now it’s becoming part of the buying journey.

More Juicy data

Phygital experiences provide valuable data from both online and offline interactions. By analysing website traffic, social media engagement and in-store purchase behaviour, your brand can gain a holistic understanding of customer preferences, allowing for highly-targeted and extremely customised marketing and product development.

Go Phygital Without Breaking the Bank

Creating a phygital brand presence doesn’t require a massive budget nor do you need to be a global brand to achieve it.

Social Media in-Store: Encourage customers to share their in-store experience with branded hashtags and interactive contests.

QR Codes: Use QR codes on product packaging or in-store displays to link to online tutorials, product information, or exclusive discounts.

Community Events: Partner with local businesses or organisations (complimentary to your brand or beneficial to your customers) for events that generate brand awareness and create a sense of community.

By implementing these strategies, you can bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, creating a more engaging and memorable brand experience that drives customer loyalty and sales. Remember, the future is phygital – are you ready to take the plunge?

It’s happening right now, whether or not your brand jumps on the phygital train. Customers will come to expect and enjoy these blended brand and marketing strategies even more in the near future. Make sure your brand is leaning into this eventuality with help from our brand design agency.