There’s an old Chinese curse – May you live in interesting times. Is it a curse, or a challenge? We’ve had a change of government, a new budget handed down and well… some exiting changes at Brand for Brands too.
We’ve been a little quiet over the last two of years as our industry (along with many others) has undergone a massive shift. We’re seeing many creative agencies bought out, branding work sent off shore to the lowest bidder- producing lack luster results – companies merge and lose their core brand messaging, or close down completely leaving clients stranded.

Not Brand for Brands. We’ve won a few design and business awards along the way. We’ve worked on over 3,000 creative projects and I’ve personally created over 1,000 brands over my 23 years as a Creative Director.

With the trees having been cleared from the wood … we’re emerging stronger than even as and as our name suggests we’re gaining a solid reputation as ‘The Brand for Brands’.

In coming weeks you will receive a phone call from me, wanting to catch up for a coffee to hear about your business and what’s been happening in your world. Can we help you make Interesting times a blessing?

Stella Gianotto
Creative Director