As seen on The Daily Bulletin – Why savvy female entrepreneurs need branding more than ever

Why savvy female entrepreneurs need branding | Stella Gianotto, Branding Expert

Why savvy female entrepreneurs need branding more than ever


7 March 2019, with Stella Gianotto, Branding Expert


Branding isn’t new, but it’s become an integral factor in any business success, especially for female entrepreneurs. With an oversupply of skincare, hair and beauty products, fashion accessories, healthy supplements and other products offered by the global reach of the internet, achieving a global business, as a female entrepreneur, demands more than an slick looking LinkedIn profile or the convenience of a scrolling target market waiting to buy from you on Instagram.

To achieve rapid growth in any business sector demands a viral spread of your brands awareness coupled with people taking up your individual offering, before a ‘me-too’ competitor fills your market segment. According The Financial Review, “Women today own almost 40 per cent of Australia’s small businesses, contributing to a 46 per cent increase in the number of female business operators in Australia over the past two decades”.

While it will take some time, female entrepreneurs need to be savvy about how they invest effort into creating a consistent personal brand that will help propel you towards your business goals more quickly. To be able to maintain dominance in your market requires three things:

  1. A strong brand presence;
  2. Customer retention and;
  3. Vigorously building your brands presence.

So how can you achieve an iconic brand? Click here to read the full article.



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