In Simon Sinek’s powerful video, “Start With Why,” the truth behind successful brands is unveiled: people don’t just buy what you do, they buy why you do it. This revelation holds the key to forging deep connections with your audience, making it more critical than ever to discover the true essence of your brand.

But what happens when your brand is still searching for its “why”?

When you struggle to define its purpose, confusion sets in. Unfortunately, many brands find themselves operating in this fog (under the misconception of ‘business as usual’), unable to effectively communicate their “why” to potential customers. In the era of fast emerging AI, this confusion spells disaster, as the market becomes flooded with fake, artificial content.

Here’s the shocking truth:

Artificial Intelligence or AI as it’s more commonly known, (while impressive) falls short in a crucial aspect—it lacks the ability to think and feel.

It cannot grasp the intricate nuances of human emotions or understand the motivations that drive consumer behaviour. To resonate with your audience, you must comprehend how a consumer ‘thinks’ and ‘feels’ before they even realise it themselves.

Your brand’s success depends on activating these core emotions that fuel consumer desire. Let’s take a moment to celebrate brands that have embraced their “why” and reaped the rewards, even in the face of adversity. One shining example is the global sportswear giant Nike. According to a Forbes article, during the pandemic when many brands struggled, Nike experienced an 82% increase in online sales and a significant boost in market share [^1^]. How did they achieve this remarkable feat? By staying true to their core values, infusing marketing efforts with their WHY coupled with their purpose,and by creating unforgettable experiences for their customers.

By immersing consumers in unforgettable experiential encounters, they uncovered their “why” and forged deep connections with their customers. The result? Increased market share and unwavering loyalty.

At Brand For Brands, we refer to this “why” as Brand Significance—the beating heart that should reside at the centre of everything your brand does. Without it, you risk fading into insignificance, much like AI. The battle for brand survival is raging and demands your brand stay true to the core and resonating with your audience on a deep and immersive level.

Now is the time to dive deep, not wide, with your audience.

It’s time to rediscover your brand’s genetic makeup, most brands did not explore this crucial element at the time the brand was originally created. This discovery process includes guiding you through defining (or redefining) your brand’s essence and revealing how this influences how you communicate your brand and all your marketing efforts, moving forward. This journey will save you from missed opportunities and lost sales.

Remember, this is about you—your brand, your business.

Don’t let competitors steal the spotlight and your customers along with it. Embrace your brand’s WHY to captivate your audience and claim your rightful place in their hearts, minds, and pockets.

We find ourselves at a pivotal moment in history, where there are vast opportunities for business that stretches out as far as they eye can see.

It’s similar to the visionary investments made in the early stages of groundbreaking ventures like Apple prior to the debut of the revolutionary iPhone or the foresight in owning eBay during its days as a burgeoning online auction platform. The potential for growth and success is unprecedented, and now is the time for your brand to seize it.

Don’t wait any longer. Act now to secure your brand’s survival and unlock its true potential.

Are you ready to discover your Brand Significance and reposition your brand in the face of AI? Book a call with us today and on a journey that will transform your brand’s future.

Claim your spot in history. It’s time that your brand, made its mark.