Do you think doing your own PR is going to be hard? Well, it isn’t! In July, we shared our excitement on how we’ve been able to handle our own PR and get published many times over. We shared how:

  • We’ve been able to create our own PR with journalists and publicists
  • Learn how to write our own press releases
  • We worked one-on-one with great journalists like the Editor of The Carousel, ex Dep Editor of Cosmopolitan and a freelance journalist who writes for News Ltd and Mamamia etc.
  • We were able to brainstorm newsworthy angles with real journalists and even had them edited our press releases.


The best part? It was easy to set up. And, its a great (and totally under utilised) lead generation tool for your business.

We heard the cries from those who could not attend, who were interested to know more. So we’ve spoke to Jules Brooke, Founder of Handle Your Own PR and we secured a few webinar dates, just for you!


Register your attendance to hear from Jules Brooke, Founder of Handle Your Own PR.  She’ll teach you these (3) things:

  1. How easy it is to set up PR
  2. Why it is a great lead generation tool and 
  3. How you can get a lifetime of press publicity. 



This is the only programme we know of where you work directly with journalists to create amazing media stories, that actually get your business noticed.

Not only do you get direct access to the media outlet, BUT you also get access to every media contact in the country in print, TV, radio and digital.

The journalists you work with are hand picked (depending on the industry) your business is in. They will help you develop stories and angles to pitch to the media, they even help you write media releases too.

We think it’s a great way to kick start amazing publicity for your business and become a leader in your industry sector.