After seeing countless clients and fellow business owners fail to get results from scam Adwords or website SEO campaigns, we decided to try Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ourselves.

We were determined to learn as much as possible (and very quickly) about the basics of website SEO and about how Google determines a website’s relevance rating. It was difficult when we got started. There was so much to learn and a lot of the SEO information is quite “technical”. We started with the basic guidelines from Google, and worked our way up from there.

SEO is a very liquid marketing tool.

We partnered with another business, we swapped and we shared our ideas and knowledge about SEO to test firsthand what did and didn’t work. We learned quickly through trial and error. The beauty of SEO is that it is very liquid – you can easily change your pathway if it’s not working. Or do more of what is working.

After a huge learning curve and with extensive experimentation we achieved success through our SEO and decided to offer it as a service to clients. We only recommend techniques that we have tried, tested and proven effective.

Good SEO is about generating more leads for your business.

SEO is much more than just ‘being found through Google’ or ‘owning a keyword’. It’s about generating a constant cost-effective stream of leads for your business, period. We now maintain our own SEO on a monthly basis and have seen our rankings increase month on month.

Results speak for themselves.

In only a matter of months, we have seen our leads increase by approximately 30% through our website and Google searches alone, which attributes to around 26% of our current turnover.

If you’d like to see how cost-effective SEO can be as marketing activity, then give Brand for Brands a call and we’ll start with a chat.