So, you’ve just received the first draft of your new logo. After days or even weeks of waiting, you excitedly open the email, only to find… that you’re disappointed.

This isn’t the logo of your dreams.

What next? How do you work with your graphic design company in Sydney to salvage the situation?

Here are a few suggestions from our experienced team.

Step 1: Don’t Panic

Take a deep breath.

You’re not the first business owner to be underwhelmed by a logo draft. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is the perfect logo. It’s all part of the creative process.

If it’s any consolation, some of the world’s most iconic logos went through a few awkward teenage phases before they became iconic beauties.

Step 2: Identify What’s Bothering You

Now that you’ve taken a breath, let’s get specific.

What exactly don’t you like about the logo? Is it the colours? The font? The lack of communication? The overall vibe?

Knowing what you don’t like will help you provide constructive feedback to your design agency. They need your input to understand your vision better.

Keep in mind that they may have made certain creative decisions for strategic reasons. Sometimes, it’s also worth reminding yourself that your business’s logo isn’t necessarily built for you ‒ it’s built with your target audience in mind. Try to consider the logo objectively.

Step 3: Communicate Clearly (But Nicely)

After you’ve pinpointed exactly what it is about the logo that you don’t like, it’s now time to get your design agency on the same page as you.

The key here is effective communication. Reach out to your design agency and schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns. It can be easy for your feedback to be misunderstood over email.

Remember, designers are not mind-readers, and they genuinely want to make you happy. Be honest but gentle in your feedback. Use phrases like “I was looking for something a bit different” instead of “This is terrible and I don’t like it”.

Step 4: Be Open to Compromise

Keep in mind that design is a creative collaboration. While your vision is essential, your design agency has the expertise to guide you. Be open to their suggestions and be ready to meet in the middle. The perfect logo is often a fusion of ideas, expertise and execution.

Step 5: Ask for Revisions

Don’t be shy about asking for revisions. This is a standard part of the design process. Your design agency should be more than willing (or perhaps not wanting) to make adjustments based on your feedback.

You’re in this together, creating a logo is a working collaboration – they want you to walk away with a logo you love!

Step 6: Get Help From The Pros

Let’s say you’ve followed these steps, but you’re still not loving your logo. Or maybe the agency you’re working with is not willing or able to work with you on edits.

We can help. We’re a graphic design company in Sydney that knows how to merge your creative vision with our 25+ years of marketing expertise to build logos, graphics, and more that your audience will love. Get in touch with us today, and let’s work together on a solution.