Brand Positioning Workshop

Why you can benefit from a brand positioning workshop?

Why you can benefit from our brand positioning workshop?

It’s a common question we get asked, why do I need a workshop to work out where my brand sits in the marketplace?

In fact, why does my brand need analysis at all?

It doesn’t matter if you are starting out in business or well established for many years, our Brand Positioning Workshop will help you to build your brand that:

●   stands apart from your competition

●   gains market share quickly

●   generates sales –  time and time again, and

●   is PRIMED for success

Here’s why!

Building brands that stand apart

Over the years we have worked with over 1,000 clients and counting … The Brands we have created for their enterprises stand the test of time. The logos, and their related marketing activities, continue to set these businesses apart from their competitors.

These businesses are authentic in everything they do and, every time they communicate through their marketing and their customer and societal interactions. (N.B. It’s NOT just about marketing!) They are willing to make their brand come alive to their target market (their community of interest, or tribe).

And so, like leading athletes, or stars in any field, who practice daily to achieve and maintain their form, these businesses work continuously to manage their brand, expand their business and gain market share, year after year. Not content to be also-rans, they seek ever greater success.

These brands understand and practice these four rituals. Our workshop is designed to introduce you to these rituals or provide a tune-up to your current practices.

The four rituals of great brands

That’s right, they accelerate their brand by making it present, showing up and being part of their community. You too, can accelerate the effect your brand has on the community.

How? Be PRESENT and COMMUNICATE, not just sell, sell, sell. In turn your community of interest will reward you with some attention and in time, this attention will ultimately turn to loyalty.

Cementing your identity

Awareness of my brand isn’t enough if they are not buying from me, I hear you say. That’s right, it’s not! Showing up with your brand, is simply not enough. You have to first create a compelling need and a competitive position in fulfilling that need. Without identifying with a customer’s need, either stated or unstated, much marketing material is a waste of money. And without cementing your brand’s identity with that need, more marketing dollars are wasted. Yes, you may make a once-off sale, but real business growth is based on repeat sales, without repeat promotion.

You need to make your marketing leave a long lasting impression – one that helps your community to think of your brand first, every time their need arises. Consider for a moment the two juggernauts of carbonated soft drinks: Coca Cola and Pepsi. Both are global icons, both spend millions of dollars on marketing, every day of the year. Yet which name is associated with cola? Can you hum a Pepsi tune? How about a Coke tune?

By creating a brand that walks, talks and wears (yes you brand wears your marketing efforts, good or bad, remember that…) your brand will be rewarded with a loyal following and sales that long outlast any gimmick, promotion or marketing fad.

Learn the many ways to be present to your marketplace.

Sounds simple enough, obvious even. But then why do so many companies copy what other brands are doing, or worse Frankenstein parts from other brands to form their own?

Great brands are real. Great brands are authentic; they live and breathe what they do every single day. A brand’s daily consistency is what makes them likeable and believable.

Brands need “a daily workout”

Think of a great brand as a muscle, you need to keep working on it every day to continue to strengthen and tone it, so it gets bigger and more distinct. It’s the perception that people notice.

Tone your brand’s presence by using it, often, and constantly reminding your tribe why your brand is so important to them. There are many ways to do this, through customer service, social media, digital marketing, community engagement, product sampling and experiential marketing. What’s most important is that you discover the right methods for your brand and do them, every single day.

Crossing the line will hurt

Just as your exercise routine should be regular and disciplined, so too should your brand. You’ll want to avoid the clumsy missteps that even major brands can make. Most recently Pepsi and even Starbucks have received significant backlash after airing ads which inadvertently crossed the line from ‘edgy’ to offensive. A damage muscle can kick you out of the race for some time.

Identify and use the most effective tools in your gym.

That’s right, brands speak, all the time, even if you’re not talking about your brand physically to a prospect or client, you brand is speaking for itself. Do you know what voice your brand has or the language it’s speaking?

Your brand is your spokesperson

Language, speaking? I hear you ask. That’s right, when you communicate or market to your audience, that’s your brand speaking to them. The best way to help you understand this is to think of your brand as VIPs, celebrities even, who’re talking to their fans.

Are you a Beyonce, a Richard Branson or even a Donald Trump … Can you see the visual image of those well known personalities coming to life in your mind? You can probably remember their voice, how it sounds, and what you’ve heard or read about them.

That’s what a great brand does, it speaks one branded language to your fans that they understand, identify with, know and respect.

Learn what language your brand speaks.

Great brands, that are visible on any scale (global or local), set up their own marketing conditions for them to be visible – and to be seen. They advertise at many of the usual calendar periods, but also promote themselves at events or in situations where there competitors do not see a customer engagement opportunity.

Opportunistic brands carve out their niche and gain market share quickly

A personalised marketing plan is not a weighty tome or an arduous exercise. It is merely an extension of who you are in your marketplace. It’s why you exist, why you started the enterprise. It doesn’t follow what your competitors do and it’s not always using the latest and greatest gimmick.

Deliver Originality, but with Consistency

A great brand will find the most effective marketing exercises that will expand the business, and do them every single day. Exercises that are effective for one business may not be effective for another. In fact in may even be a series of activities that work best for your brand. Each activity must be authentic to the brand and be able to communicate in a language that your following will understand (see point 3 above).

Once you have these elements right, then you can set up your own personalised marketing plan. And not be bound or dictated to by the competition in your marketplace.

Explore the opportunities and techniques to personalise your market plan appropriate to your market and your brand.

Iconic brands evolve

Amazing brands are strong global players and are not created by one-shot, all guns blazing, marketing campaigns. Rather, they evolve, they stay authentic and they consistently get stronger. This is how to prime your brand for success.

Our Brand Positioning Workshop will help you to further explore, discover and understand the four rituals other successful brands exploit to achieve and maintain success in the marketplace.

Just as a personal trainer or coach can get you inspired or improve your performance in the gym, our workshop will help you to focus in on your goals and set you on the path for constant improvement.

We have created this workshop specifically to help you create, rejuvenate or strengthen your brand – to reach the podium … and to maintain your deserved position in the field.

A Brand Positioning Workshop includes:

✓   A 4 hour workshop for up to four (4) people, face-to-face or via video conference.

✓   At the end of the workshop, you will receive a Brand Handbook/Outline, tailored to your brand, compiling the brand messages developed during the session.

   Receive a complimentary copy of the eBook ‘Marketing Brands Made Easy’ to help you to start marketing.


At the end of the session you will have a clear understanding of:

✓  Your brands core essence and suggestions for setting up your own marketing conditions,

✓  Who your brand is,

✓  What your brand is about, and

✓  What your brand wears.

You will be ready to get your brand PRIMED for (even greater) success.

… and you won’t need a marketing manager. You and your team can do it yourselves.


Your time investment in this workshop is four hours. The payback is immeasurable –  in time, resources and revenue

Still on the fence? – here is what one past workshop attendees advises.

Brand for Brands’ workshop was amazing. My brand was all over the place – as was my messaging. This workshop was worth every penny. Do yourself a favour, sign up. Easiest money-back investment you can make for your business. (PS: If you’re my competitor, just keep doing what you’re doing!)

Marc Enners, Agent 6 Marketing



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