The Brand for Brands philosophy

Our philosophy is a simple one. Don’t confuse ‘what branding is’, with ‘what branding does’ – most people do.

Many assume that branding is marketing, which is not correct. Marketing can’t start unless you have brand in place, that’s where most people go wrong.

The function of marketing is to promote a brand, and to assist the brand being able to generate leads for potential sales. Then sales will take over from there.

A brand will give your marketing the story or message it needs to communicate. Without a brand, marketing in any form, will be unsuccessful. We often hear “our marketing didn’t work” or “it was too expensive and I didn’t even get any business”, now you know why…

Strong brands are authentic, they are innovators and they scream quality. They don’t need gimmicky marketing or disruptive methods to achieve what we call “cut through” in marketing. They understand ‘HOW’ to ‘CONNECT’ with their customers and how to ‘CREATE BETTER EXPERIENCES’ for them. A good brand will establish loyalty among its followers.

In return, the brand will see loyalty from the customer in the form of repeat business. These customers will tell and re-tell the brand’s story over again, and that’s how sales are generated.

What story are your customers telling about your brand? Let us tell your brand story and start up a sales funnel for you.