Building a Brand for the Future – Post COVID and Beyond
July 29, 2021

Building a Brand for the Future – Post COVID and Beyond

The recent pandemic has significantly altered the way we live, work, and interact in everyday life. The business landscape also changed dramatically, with many businesses that struggled while others adjusted and boomed. Undoubtedly, for brands to thrive and succeed beyond the pandemic, they need to adapt and follow new rules of marketing with the ‘new…

June 4, 2020

Will the real Branding Expert please stand up?

Back in the day, cattle were branded to help protect breeders and buyers from rustlers. Today’s iconic brands are often forged by unscrupulous knock-offs to mislead the gullible consumer. But, increasingly, the very word ‘brand’ is itself used by marketing agencies to mislead businesses about the services and expertise being offered. Today’s caveat is ‘Beware…

Retail Business Landscape
May 1, 2020

The dawning of a new of a retail business landscape

Australia is a country that has demonstrated business innovation time and time again. Many inventions that have changed the world were created here, in our sunburnt country. Some of these inventions include the black box recorder fitted in all aircraft, spray on skin to help burn victims recover, cochlear implants to assist deaf people to…