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7 Mistakes with your Personal Brand | Stella Gianotto, Branding Guru

7 Mistakes with your Personal Brand


by Stella Gianotto, 15 August 2018


The idea of having – or building – a personal brand can be off-putting for some, but yes, you do need to put some effort into creating one because a strong personal brand that helps you stand out in the crowded corporate space will help push you towards your career or business goals more quickly. So here are the top seven mistakes to avoid when building your personal brand in the corporate arena… Click here to read about the seven mistakes.



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Stella Gianotto is a branding guru who is passionate about making branding accessible and understandable for her clients. Stella’s presence in the industry has led to her contribution to several books, Marketing Brands Made Easy, Social Media Marketing: Write Up Your Tweet, Book of Amazing People, Well Spun: Big PR and Social Media Ideas for Small Business. More info on Stella here.


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