With an oversaturated digital marketplace, more brands are taking their brands offline as part of their marketing mix. Thanks to the pendemic, print, packaging and direct mail make a comeback as a tangible and physical way to reach and interact with the customer.

Consumer Experience is Key

While restrictions and lockdowns are still in place for many parts of Australia, getting your product or service into the hands of your consumer has never been more critical. You may think the focus should be online, given the rise in e-commerce. However, consumer experience is taking over price and product, as the key brand differentiator^, as found in a recent study.

In fact, 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for an excellent customer experience^.

This means that brands need to differentiate themselves to find a creative and effective way to engage with the customer, and this requires a marketing strategy for your brand that includes offline mediums.

Personalising the Consumer Experience

Furthermore, research shows that 75% of Americans are more likely to remain loyal to a brand that delivers a personalised customer service experience^.

Consider offline mediums such as direct mail. You are assured of a 100% open rate because people are yearning for interaction and to feel special and loved again. If your brand can do this for them, the consumer will love your brand for it and return the love through brand loyalty and repeat transactions.

Having a physical and personalised presence can help your brand evoke an emotional connection and response. This can aid with better memory recall than a digital ad that your customer can just scroll through.

More and more brands are exploring the combination of print or packaging and digital to enhance the consumer experience, including personalised QR codes, discount coupons, hashtags, and social media handles on their print advertising. This also allows brands to track the effectiveness and success of the campaigns.

Consumers are still looking (and more so now) for an experience with a brand – even down to how the product is received. Therefore, packaging plays a vital role in this step. This is the ideal opportunity to review your packaging to ensure consistency with your brand message.

Brand Switching

Those brands who won’t take their brand offline will experience ‘brand switching’ from consumers, which is no longer reserved only for B2Cs. It’s also happening with B2B brands too.

Did you know that 79% of customers are willing to switch brands, even if a competitors product costs more because they know another company will give them a better experience^?

Taking your brand offline can create a far more personal experience for the consumer. Most reasons consumers switch brands are due to being ignored, long response times, and general inconsistency.

How does your brand position in the offline world?

Brands that use non-digital mediums can capture and retain customers much deeper and more personalised than digital ads, enhancing the brand experience and remaining competitive in the market. How does your brand fare?

Brand for Brands can help you build a solid and effective brand presence offline. As Sydney’s best brand design agency, we provide the most accurate brand strategy according to your business needs.

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