Branding might sound easy, yet have you ever wondered by so many businesses still seem to get it wrong?

On the other hand, have you noticed how iconic brands get it right? They start with the fundamentals of what a ‘brand’ is.

Brands, more than a Name or a  Logo

Your brand is not your ad, your marketing, your business name, logo or tagline – it is all of these things and more.

Unfortunately, this is where many start-ups go wrong from the beginning. They do not understand what branding is or what branding really means.

We define branding as ‘where advertising stops and marketing does not go’. A successful brand represents a vision or a philosophy with which your audience can identify. From there, marketing becomes easy when the brand ‘sells itself.

Your brand is the overarching strategy that encompasses everything you do and everything you say.

Getting this right from day one will give you much better results and marketing ROI in the long term. Strong leadership starts with your brand.

Branding Experts? Anyone?

Need help? Enter “Branding Expert” into Google, and you will get close to 200,000 search results in less than one second!

Buzz words tend to confuse people, especially in an oversaturated marketplace with so many branding experts.

Be aware that just because one can use the word doesn’t make them an immediate expert.

It goes without saying that time and experience count. Think of the Steve Jobs and Elon Musks of the world; they were not immediate ‘experts’ in their field. You cannot compare this to many Insta-influencers who “I kinda sorta like just set up an online business, and now I’m an expert”.

Don’t let marketing agencies that include ‘branding’ services fool you. While they may be real SEO, graphic design, website or copywriting experts, many don’t actually know what branding is truly all about.

See the difference?

True branding experts are innovative, powerful, influential, and create a strong connection. They understand how to connect you with your customers best and create better branded experiences for them with an authentic and quality branded tone of voice.

All too often, we see clients confused with the overuse and dilution of the word ‘branding’ in the marketplace and frustrated with the seemingly ‘expert consultants’ that are growing in numbers by the minute.

It’s time to get back to the fundamentals of branding.

BE the Iconic Brand

Many assume that branding is marketing, which we’ve identified is not correct. Remember, effective marketing cannot start unless you have a strong brand in place.

Think of all your favourite and preferred brands; why do you choose them? What message does the brand tell you? Do you have an emotional connection with the brand?

You, too, can build strong market leadership with an iconic brand. Let us show you how.

Brand for Brands has worked on over 3,000 projects. Our Creative Director, Stella Gianotto has personally established over 1,000 of these. On average, we have increased business value for clients from 10% to as much as 1500%.

We know branding – our results tell us apart.

Once you ARE the iconic brand, everything else will quickly fall into place.

Investing in a genuine branding agency is much like investing in the financial world. It may cost slightly more to start, but you get exponentially greater returns while working less – because your brand does all the hard work for you.

The Brand for Brands is a professional brand design agency in Sydney, get in touch with us today.