If branding is vital for business (and/or personal) success, how do you differentiate yourself and monetising your brand?

Everyone knows what a brand IS, but no one knows what a brand DOES. If branding is vital for success, how do you differentiate yourself and monetise your brand?

During this session, Stella Gianotto, Brand for Brands Agency’s award-winning Creative Director, will share with you key learnings and insights (with real-life examples) from her 20 plus years in branding.

For anyone who has a brand (no matter how old or young) and who wants to ensure they get the best ROI from their branding.

When: Friday 18th October 2019, 8:45 am – 11:00 am.

Where: Club of United Business, 3 Kings Cross Road, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010

This practical and up-to-date workshop will cover:

  1. Enhancing your expertise by demonstrating you are the expert
  2. How your brand walks, talks and what is wears
  3. Taking marketshare and then expanding
  4. What to do when your marketplace is large or saturated or doesn’t exist
  5. Using Brand Ambassadors or Leaders to differentiate your brand
  6. The power of telling your story
  7. How to make your products (or services) real and relatable
  8. How to create connection through the emotional experience of your brand
  9. How to take you brand and deliver beyond expectations
  10. The power of being the Underdog
  11. Using “premium” and “luxury” to differentiate your brand
  12. What impact your social responsibility has on your branding
  13. Making inovation a natural part of your Brand

There will be tips, usable advice and the opportunity to ask and discuss your branding and marketing questions.

Places are limited (max 10). Reserve your seat today.