Nick Psaila Brand & Collateral Design

The brief was to evolve Nick’s personal philosophy into a personal brand.

Collateral Design

Our team grew Nick’s existing brand and collateral design into a memorable corporate brand suitable for an international market.

Entrepreneur and keynote speaker Nick Psaila is known for his work as a business coach, mentor and thought leader. Nick’s passion for business has allowed him to transform careers and guide people and businesses down the path of successful entrepreneurship.

The brief was to evolve Nick’s personal philosophy into a personal brand and through the collateral design. Additional business units had to be considered as sub-brands within the brand the client had created around the working philosophy of “UP”.

The brand was extended to marketing products and collateral design, such as social media, e-newsletter, stationery, exhibition and display design, sales tools and brochure design, and client marketing pieces.

Sub-Brand Design
Electronic Newsletter Design
Note Pad Design
Making an individual into a Brand - Marketing Material Design
Sales Tool Design
Sales Tool Design
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