CAAA Brand Design & Collateral

A memorable and fun brand identity was create, while remaining focused on the serious side of their business.

Presentation Folder Design

A leading mid-tier Sydney accounting and advisory firm, CAAA were looking to refresh their brand design and logo design to update their brand identity and create a more personalised experience for their clients.

Our team evolved their existing brand, using the previous logo to create a polished, dynamic and engaging brand identity.

The new brand identity was used across CAAA’s stationery design suite, including presentation folder design, product sheet design, website design and a smart company profile design that reveals CAAA as more than a stuffy, traditional accountancy firm.

Our team added images of accountants playing with charts and balancing graphs. These gave CAAA a memorable and fun brand identity and coordinated the stationery design and collateral design, while remaining focused on the serious side of their business.

Marketing Material Design
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Collateral Design
Brand Design & Collateral Design
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